Regular life can be overwhelming for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who haven’t learned to shield their aura or energy body. This blog post will teach you how to shield your energy so that you don’t feel drained after shopping or spending the day with relatives—or even in response to global energies or social media posts if you find those affect you.

First of all, remember that it’s OK to shield yourself and cut cords often. Shielding should become a regular practice for you, especially if you work or live in a highly charged, emotional environment. If you are a nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist, police officer, social worker, etc., you definitely need to get in the habit of shielding yourself in the morning and then clearing the energies that are in your environment from your energy field before you go home.

What does “shielding yourself” mean? Well, basically, you create a little bubble of light around yourself to protect yourself from absorbing or being affected by the energies you encounter on a normal day. .

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