Grounding Galactical Energy to Earth

Grounding Galactical Energy to Earth
I have been wanting to release this older Masterclass from TAG for a long time. It’s so wonderful!! I hope you enjoy it. below are some notes of what they said, but nothing of what I brought forward from what they showed me. So, I encourage you to watch and listen to the Video.

This Class was very casually recorded, and never meant for youtube so I hope you enjoy the relaxed quality of how I recorded it for my TAG Community.

Water Beings and River Elementals are back this month in TAG Lightworkers, July 2022 and you will see the Masterclass coming up this month which is all about the Diamond Light of Archangel Gabriel and includes Goddess Yemaya.

This old Masterclass type included 13 Questions. These are most of the answers below.
The Udine & Fae Energies are very, very FAIRY-like haha. A little silly to watch!

Tree Spirits, Famous Green Man, Maiden Crone, River Nymph “Salia”, Udine “Moppa”, Forest Fairy “Kalina”