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Online and Distance Sessions đź‘‡đźŹ˝

(in person sessions will be back, when social distancing isn't in practice, for now we can use video).


One Question Mini-Session Reading, $22

✨Get Answers from Spirit for a Question
✨Meet a Spirit Guide & get a message
✨Healing a Chakra, cutting cords, clearing aura or get a report on what healing needs to be done in a longer session

You'd be surprised what can be healed and helped in this short session! Fill out form & receive the healing by recording.


CLEAR SESSION: 13 Chakra Clearing/Block Removal + Messages- Distance

In this session, I will Clear 13 Chakras, remove 1-3 blocks I find, including attachments, past life or other blocks.
I will give you messages from Spirit & send healing as necessary.
This is distance, not live.
You will receive a recording via email afterwards detailing all that was seen and cleared.



Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Session,

Distance/Recorded only at this time. For in-person session go to Readings, below.

In a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Session, I blend channeled Spirit Guides and Sound Healing with Reiki for Healing. I also channel messages for you.

*Discordant Energies & Block Removal, anything that is keeping you stuck, either in this life or a past life, and assist in True Self Alignment.

*Removal of negative thought patterns, anxiety, and Cord Cutting. Removal of entities, if applicable.

*Past Life Clearings

*Channeled Messages

*Galactical / Starseed Connections

*Personal Elemental, Angel, or Galactical Attunements

*Chakra Balancing & Alignment, 3D , 4D & 5D Chakras. When ready- 6D & 7D Attunements.

*Toning and channeling healing songs & sounds, tuning forks (including solfeggio), Tibetan and sound bowls, drums, rattles, bells, and more

*Your Spirit Guides and Helpers including Mystical Beings, Elementals, Galactical Beings, Angels, and More come forth for Healing & Messages

*Powerful shifts that continue manifesting for weeks afterwards. Three full sessions is recommended, for deep deep work.

  • For Distance, I will use Reiki symbols to work on your body remotely, using a crystal grid. Protection parts of Healing not recorded for your protection.. but most of session is recorded and sent, both messages and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing.

    Sound Healing includes Voice, Toning, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Light Language, Channeled Healing, Drums, Shakers, Tambourines, Channeled Healing, and more.

    Light Language is channeled chanting or singing that heals on a deep cellular level, brings in Light Codes, and connects you to your Higher Self. If this interests you, I also attune others to Light Language, in my classes.

    **Prices for local and distance differ**
    **If you want a longer deeper session, or a shorter one, check link at bottom of page for full list**
    **Birth Portal Sessions are now a separate session, click here***


READING & SPIRIT HELP- Online only at this time

Channeled Readings, & Spiritual Insight Session- Interactive

Please contact me if none of the times on the scheduler work for you, and we can figure out a time together. 

Do you need guidance from Spirit? Let me help you get answers to your questions from Spirit and also give you techniques to help you move forward.

Answers, Help, & Healing. Ask for Guidance, Get names of Spirit Guides, Explore and Heal Past Lives

An Interactive Session that includes channeled answers & solutions from Spirit, Card Reading, Past Life Clearing, Medium Channeling, Healing, anything that you need from Spirit. Helps with Personal Problems, Career, Relationships, Feeling stuck or down, or even large purchase decisions.

Some modalities I use and may use in the session:

  • Spiritual Guidance – channeled messages from Spirit: I will tell you what Spirit wants you to know
  • Cord Cutting & Attachment Removal - get rid of those!
  • Past Life Clearing - to remove blocks from past lives
  • Imaginative Solutions to your problems – my Angels and Guides are very good at this- channeled
  • How to utilize help from Angels in your daily life – a technique called Angel Fire
  • Healing- if you need it and would like it, I can include Liquid Reiki Sound Healing

    ***MORE times - shorter and longer at FULL list link at bottom of page***



Light Path Trance Channeled Reading, Recorded

For CURRENT Clients Only. If this is your first session with me, I suggest at least a mini-session or other session first. I ask a lot of questions for this session, so it's not one if you are requiring proof. It also helps me to have been working in your energy at least once before for a reading or healing. This is a very deep session.

What is your Light Path!? That is your life calling & purpose, your Light Path that is your life path as an enlightened soul.

In these Highly Transformational  Sessions, I record for you a reading where I bring forth High Vibrational Beings to speak through me (Trance Channeled), to talk to you.

They will tell you:
What your next steps are
What your true calling is
What do you need to do to get there

They want to remind you of things your Higher Self knows but you have forgotten! As a human on Planet Earth in the 3rd Dimension, we are under the Veil of Amnesia.

This is not an interactive session. I will record for you straight channeling & messages  – some trance channeled (the angels talking though me) at the time of your booking & send it to your email, which is very easy to use. Then, you may email/message me for a clarity question afterwards.

YOUR CHOICE: Choose Goddesses, Angels & Archangels, Galactical Beings, or Elementals. Or a specific Elemental such as Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, Unicorns, Tree Spirits... or even one you choose.



Fairy Love Path Channeled Reading, Recorded

The fairies want to assist you in love! Self-love, soulmates, any kind of love! They will give you messages through me, talking through me with Trance Channeling.

I will record the whole session and send to you during the time you have chosen.

Do you have love questions for the fairies about your love life?

This is not a blind reading, there will be some questions about your situation in the intake form. If you rather a regular reading, please see Channeled Reading Session. 


Complete Scheduling List including longer & shorter Sessions, Birth Portals, Relationship Healing, Classes, Events.



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"I just experienced Rachel’s Angel Ascension meditation that helps usher you into fifth dimensional vibration, and it is incredibly powerful. I feel so at peace and joyful, despite all the chaos in the world. AND I get to revisit it whenever I need a boost! Anyone who is on the Lightworkers’ Journey and could use a profound boost to help you along your path should purchase this and give yourself the gift of feeling supported by Archangels!"

April L.

"Joined a few of her classes and have received several attunements and I have been receiving nothing but blessings! I recently had an angel channeling which confirmed so much for me. Thanks Rachel!"

Maria V.

"Just a little thank you note for your mini chakra healing session. Listening to your healing voice and feeling my feet buzz with energy flowing was amazing and getting my messages from my guides definitely resonated with me. Guidance I needed at the time. I would totally recommend Rachel’s sound reiki sessions. Love you Rachel I’ll be back, lol. "

Roz G.

"I recently had a life coaching and angel channeling session with Rachel. Right away, she set me at ease and I could tell she tapped into my current situation… I felt very connected and understood. She helped me cut a karmic cord which relieved a great amount of emotional distress. With her guidance – and her guidance from the angels – I was able to make an important decision about my career path and also work on healing myself and my relationships. Rachel is the real deal!"

Brett C.

"Rachel has changed my life on multiple levels. Her liquid reiki is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I believe everyone needs it! her guidance and classes are so informative and right on the mark!! I feel blessed to have found her!!! "


"Paulette Little recommends Rachel Chamness, Sound Healing & Life Coaching: “I purchased and listened to Rachel’s Archangel Sound Healing for Abundance this morning. It was amazing and her voice is so beautiful! I think it really helped clear some abundance blocks because I felt so much lighter and protected. It even helped with my headache. Thank you so much Rachel!"

Paulette Little

"It is my pleasure to recommend Rachel Chamness. I received an Angel Channeling through Rachel about 2 months ago and the experience was truly remarkable. Further, the shift in my life, my aura and my mental space has been both tangible and extremely positive since then. First, the price was so reasonable, I feel like I got so much information, support and guidance for my money and it was a great deal."

Gia H.
TAG Group

"I want to thank Rachel Chamness for bringing Magical Creatures back into my life in IMAX 3D! In my childhood, I was so connected to mermaids, dragons, fairies, and especially unicorns — sang about them, had them all over my rooms in statues and posters. Many decades of life’s trials and people telling me to wake up to reality caused me to push them aside for awhile. Through Rachel’s attunements, meditations and charm chants, I now feel the presence of my old friends solidly around, and they have lifted my spirits and brought joy to my life again. I call on them for assistance and know they are real, just a thin dimension away, and are part of my journey here. Give yourself a gift and let Rachel help you find the path back to real magic!"

April L.

"I loved Rachel’s fairy attunement, just as I love all her sound healings and attunements. As someone with a lot of air element in my makeup, this attunement was exactly what I needed for grounding and being in my body. What followed has been a time of creative inspiration and manifestation with these fun, magical beings. They awakened my inner child. And did I mention how beautiful her singing is? Thank you, Rachel!"

Dana C.

"I experienced one of Rachel’s class offerings, 8 Chakras in 8 Days which was extremely accessible and powerful for me. Just like the other two offerings that I have experienced, I found this to be a very efficient and direct path to spiritual connection and health. As a Mom of two with full time work responsibilities, accessibility and efficiency are musts. I loved that with this class, I had a day in between to process the shift in each Chakra and truly appreciated the brevity (and again efficacy) of each tune up. I was able to fit in the experience and the integration and be ready for the next day. I immediately felt a shift and saw things began to change from the first Chakra. It opened up abundance recognition and manifestation ease within an hour. In fact, I’ve been so busy since, that it has taken me more than a month to find a moment to write this and say "

Gia H.

"Unicorn & Archangel Soul Star Meditation, "Just did this...powerful stuff, and so regenerating! I was able to stay alert throughout, but felt like I was in a very deep state where it was impossible to open my eyes, or move until the end. What a beautiful journey, and how comforting to feel so supported by our angels, guides, and magical creatures..I so needed and enjoyed this today...thank you! It was awesome!"


"I released a self destructive pattern I’ve been carrying for 30 years during an intense personal EFT session a few weeks ago. I am experiencing freedom like never before. Very grateful. Rachel - thank you!"

Gia H.

"I received a channeled angel message from Rachel and it was unbelievable! I love the format and that it is recorded so I can listen to it over and over again. The messages were so powerful and exactly what I need to keep on track. I go back and listen to them often. The channeling is so fascinating and her methods are very unique! I also purchased activations for 5 angels and the ones I have listened to are powerful. Highly recommend and encourage you to take the leap if you’ve been been on the fence!"


50% Complete

Healing and Guidance from Archangel Sandalphon

If you are having some issues with ascension or going from 3D to 5D living, you'll love this message and healing from Archangel Sandalphon channeled by Liquid Sound Healer, Rachel Chamness.