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The Atlantis Connection: Uplevel & Advancement for the Intuitive Lightworker RETREAT

May 5- 11, 2004, Enorme Santanna Beach Resort in Ierapetra, Crete.

🐚Come join us on this life-changing retreat for a transformative experience, one that can help you uplevel your spiritual practice and hone your Lightworker skill sets.

🌊Are you feeling that it’s time to truly remember why you came into this life as a Lightworker?
☀️Are you ready to stop playing small and finally start investing in yourself and your advancement so you can reach those big ‘someday’ goals?

Accelerated Channeling Course

2 Hours Once a Week Zoom Online 22 weeks + Online Programs 2x a year.

Are you called to bring through Advanced Psychic Healing from higher dimensional realms? To bring forth multidimensional and shamanic healing, light, and messages with ease? This complete course will have you channeling advanced multidimensional healing and messages confidently and expertly, even if you haven’t done it before.

This complete course is 22 weeks, once a week, and includes instruction, protection, practice, replays, and block clearing.

What to know more? Let's chat and see if you are qualified to join us on this amazing journey!

Crystalline Light Expo image

Crystalline Light Expo in Knoxville

September 23, 9:30 am to 5:30pm at Rothchild's in Knoxville

Come see me at my reading table, where you can sign up for Trance Channeled Guidance Reading and Healing with my Elemental Magick & Manifestation Fae Oracle Deck and Shamanic Channeling.

Oracle Decks on sale for $35, as well.

Tune into my 11:00 presentation: Accessing Multidimensional and Shamanic Realms through Channeling. See you there!

practical tarot 101 with april lindevald image

Practical Tarot 101 with April Lindevald, Zoom Class

Sundays, 2pm EST Zoom Online Course starting October 1st

For Beginners, or those looking to deepen their practice. An in-depth look at each card, using Rider Waite deck. Colors, Numbers, Suits, Symbols; some attention on spreads, concentrating on the art as a powerful source of messages for self and others.

PDF Manual by April included. Students will need a Rider-Waite or Universal Waite deck.

April is a powerful and compassionate teacher who teaches more than tarot by encouraging the opening of psychic senses to truly get insightful messages. She has been working with Tarot for over 30 years.

Sound Bath Knoxville

11:11 Galactic Starseed Connection Sound Bath with Elizabeth Clanton and Rachel Chamness

November 11th, 4pm EST at Alchemy Maryville

Sound Healing Practitioners Elizabeth Clanton and Rachel Chamness will be creating a powerful meditation environment with sound healing instruments to attune and help you connect to your Starseed helpers.

This Galactic Starseed Connection Sound Bath on the 11/11 Portal will feature Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing, Reiki, Blue Star Energy, Light Language, and a variety of musical instruments, from gongs to chimes to crystal bowls & solfeggio tuning forks.

Tickets are $50 when purchased ahead of time and $55 on Saturday the 19th.

MPsychic Reiki Healing Master Teacher & Practitioner Attunement image

Psychic Reiki Healing Master Teacher & Practitioner Attunement

Jan 20, 2024. Online Live Course + Video Course, Personal Attunement + Practice Group

Learn deep Psychic Healing techniques and sessions and uplevel your abilities in this incredible course. We will meet for 5 hours, and the rest of the program is a video program I will add you to. Reiki Book & modern Manual, Certification hours, Personal Guidance. Private Reiki Group. Psychic Healing Program included. Complete Details here.

Sound Waves Heal Star Circle

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your Helpers & Spirit Guides, helping you get information on your Light Path (Life Purpose), deep healing, clearing, & resolving wounds, past life trauma, problems and more. Attune to Spirit Guides, Starseed helpers, galactic moons, solfeggio tones and more.

Accelerated Channeling Mediumship Image

Accelerated Channeling Course

Learn to Channel Healing Light & Sound, Light Codes, and Messages from higher dimensions with the help of your Spirit Guides and high vibrational beings of the light. Become a Multidimensional and Shamanic Psychic Healer & Messenger with my Accelerated Channeling Course. Are you ready? Let's connect and find out.

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Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Community

Lightworkers and Starseeds, join our incredible community for Beginners to Advanced Spiritualists, to enhance your journey to ascension, connect to higher dimensional beings of light, open your Psychic Clairs, and more. Increase your Psychic Healing and Channeling Skills, and CONNECT with many Beings of the Light for Healing and Messages. Weekly Lives, True Upleveling, and Community.