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Psychic Mediumship Development

Step into your psychic power and safely access psychic messages from your Spirit Guides to help your journey on this life and be able to use to help others as well.

Liquid Reiki Online Attunements

This journey will help restore you naturally. Reiki Attunement for healing yourself and others. Feel a deep state of relaxation, peace, and energy.

Sound Healing Lightbody Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your Helpers & Spirit Guides, Helping you with your Light Path, Healing & Resolving Wounds/Past Life Trauma/Problems and more.


I found Rachel due to her 1-Question sessions and since then I developed my spirituality significantly and these sessions really help when needing quick insights or confirmation to whatever questions I have. I love hearing the guidance and clarity that comes from them as well as seeing the cards that I receive. Thank you for helping me deepen my connection with source and with my path!

Esther Y

I did the one question channeling and it was amazing, I did one with another person but deep down knew it wasn’t right and instantly connected to what Rachel was channeling to be true and accurate. I then let her do same for my 11 year old daughter. Amazing !!!

Sarah Ratcliff