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Trance Channeling


Your Spirit Guides, energies that are an integral part of you, have the core purpose to watch over your life and give you guidance. They initially connect with a part of you through “Intuition” and messages you get on a daily basis. This program will allow you to explore several different ways to channel your Guides and be able to receive and give messages for yourself and others. I will guide you to learning this technique in the safest way possible and will be there for you personally to guide you through this process. In advanced levels, you will be attuned to bringing through any High Vibrational being, additional advanced protection techniques, belief in yourself and your talents, how to cross Spirits to the other side, how to bring in celebrities and passed loved ones, personal help & guidance to find your Light Path purpose in this life. You can become a Master at connecting to any kind of spirit helper, bringing their messages and healing, and finding your own niche in the psychic world. This is a life changing Course with four levels offered online.
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Light Language ATTUNEMENT

Learn how powerful sound waves can be in healing yourself and others. Anyone who is properly attuned to Light Language can bring forth healing sounds and light codes with toning, speaking, drumming, writing, dancing and free movement, and also sign language! It can remove blockages, recalculate brainwaves, awaken soul memories and it can align you with your True Self! Learn to attune others as well. Or deepen your existing Light Language with a Personal Attunement, to learn to use it with your Light Path, your own personal languages and uses, and more.
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The Reiki attunement is a ritual that connects you with the powerful Reiki Source, allowing you to access healing energy of the Highest Light, surrounding you in Reiki Protection, so you can practice Reiki healing on yourself and others. This means that any person can learn how to channel or flow Reiki. Get attuned and get properly trained to become a Reiki practitioner or Teacher. All levels include Reiki Training, Reiki Practice, Extra training used everyday by Rachel Chamness in Sessions, a Manual and Reiki Book, Community and love. I would love to guide you to opening yourself up to more of the Universe’s help through this Attunement! Includes Materials, Certificate, Attunement, Bonus Content and Programs, and more.
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