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What Is Light Language?

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Rachel Chamness

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December 02, 2019

You might have heard about Light Language before, but you might not know what Light Language is.

Light Language is a channeled form of sound healing. It can come through as sounds like clicks, singing, tones, and like a spoken language. Light Language can also be a more physically connected “language” that is expressed through hand movements—kind of like Sign Language or a symphony conductor’s way of moving—or through dance. Messages or Light Language healing can also come through sigils that are drawn while connected or through hand-written messages. Light Language can also appear to someone as Sacred Geometry or healing colors.

You don’t need to be able to sing to do Light Language; working with Light Language with me can help to improve your singing voice. While my own Light Language flows through my voice when I sing, a person who uses or channels Light Language doesn’t really have to sing well (or be conscious of their singing voice). You just have to open yourself up to allowing the Light Language to flow through you in whatever manner it chooses, whether it is song, drumming, dance, symbols, or writing.

Why would someone use Light Language?

💫Light Language connects us with Spirit and with our Multidimensional Selves
💫It connects us with nature and Elementals and Beings from higher realms.
💫It activates what is in your heart and awakens the healing abilities that are already in you.
💫It bypasses the analytical human mind so that we can truly connect
💫It can remove blockages 
💫It can recalculate brainwaves and help someone heal their thoughts

If you’d like to learn to recalculate brainwaves to improve thought patterns, awaken your soul memories so that you can understand your mission and purpose, realign any distorted neural pathways, remove blockages in your energy body, align with your true self, strengthen your light body, and more, then this is the course for you!

If you are interested in learning to Channel Light Language Healing and messages for yourself, I teach it privately and in a class three times a year. I also teach an Advance Light Language Course in a Private Session.

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