What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 2 of 2)

What other ways can a Psychic Medium share messages?

Channeling Healing Energy is awesome.

A Channel Medium can also pass healing energy on from the beings they are tapping into. This can happen with any type of channeled healing, such as Reiki, Light Language, or similar healing modalities. In my Trance Channel Mediumship Course, I teach my students to channel psychically in four ways, including channeled healing from their Chemist Guide.

Channeled Healing is one of my favorite types of healing and I also teach it with Light Language Attunements and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Certifications. I love it because a person doesn’t need to have a lot of knowledge or take many courses to become a great Sound Healer, they only need a great connection to a beautiful being who can help them heal themselves and others.

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Are there times when a message comes through to a Psychic Medium without permission from the Medium?

How does a Psychic Medium control this?

A Psychic Medium can bring through a message from different types of beings in different types of ways. When I bring through a message as a medium, I either have a being ready and waiting for me to deliver the message, or I am reaching out to a specific being (loved one) or specific type of being (angel, unicorn, galactic…etc) to ask if they will. There are also plants, crystals, and wildlife that “grab the attention” of a person who is sensitive to receive their messages psychically.

Generally speaking, the entity or spirit the Psychic Medium is communicating with wants to make contact with humanity or a specific loved one in order to pass on a message/messages. Some people seek out a Psychic Medium to communicate with a loved one who passed on or a pet who is having issues. Some people just want to get a general message from their spirit guides on their path in life.

Some spirits actually bug Psychic Mediums until they channel their messages, too! This happens to me sometimes in sessions, if the being needs me to add something and it’s very important to them. This can happen regularly to mediums with less psychic protection. Psychic Mediums have to learn to put good spiritual boundaries in place so that spirits know when they are working and when they are off, kind of like office hours.

When people learn to channel psychic messages safely, they will have spirit guides who protect them and help them to receive and interpret messages. They also have gatekeeper spirit guides who will help the spirits who want to communicate abide by the Psychic Medium’s rules. With this protection, the messages will not come through without permission. This is how a psychic medium learns to control these types of intrusive messages. They can also construct extra protection with Reiki, waiting rooms, learn to turn off pesky human spirits and more.. as I teach in my Illumined Master Trance Channeling Mediumship Course, Level 4.

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How can a Psychic Medium tell if a message they channel is actually a “psychic hit”, and not just something in their imagination? 

It is important for a Psychic Medium to keep their Ego Mind out of the messages they channel. With practice and discernment, a Medium can learn how to tell the difference between what they think and what the Spirit is informing them. This is part of the training.

As Mediums, we learn to put into practice certain procedures to know the difference or to figure it out when we are not sure. An advanced Medium will know how to work with their Spirit Guides to know a real “hit” or message versus one that is just something they think.

On the other side of the coin, this question is what holds most people back from practicing mediumship. It is essential for someone who is learning to be a Psychic Medium to know how to trust their gifts and know that the messages they receive ARE messages, not just their imagination. We work a lot on learning to discern the difference in my channeling classes.

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Just a note: I don’t believe Imagination is total fantasy. In fact, I believe that what we have been gaslighted into believing imagination is somehow fake, but it is actually images and information from our spirit guides, glimpses into alternate realities, and manifestation techniques to attract the things we want in this life.

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In Conclusion

Everyone on earth is capable of being a Psychic Medium or getting messages from different sorts of Spirit Guides and entities, in my opinion. People who work as Psychic Mediums have learned to open up their clairs or psychic senses, to be confident in the messages and healing they receive from those beings and their Spirit Guides, and also how to protect themselves.

Messages can come through to a Psychic Medium in a variety of different ways. There are times when a being or entity—or even a plant or pet—will try to communicate to someone psychically without the Psychic Medium “initiating” the conversation. Other times, a Psychic Medium will call on their Spirit Guide teams to help them receive messages. 

Check out a related article where we explore what to expect if you get a reading from a Psychic Medium, how to ask questions, and what kind of information a Psychic Medium can (and can’t) give to you. We also take a look at how to spot if your Psychic Medium is the REAL DEAL!

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