Spiritual Connections that will help you open your psychic gifts and guide you through the Ascension process. Learning, Connecting, Healing, Manifesting and Community to get you to Ascension and beyond. Open your Psychic Gifts with these powerful offerings and Connect with many High Vibrational Beings such as Archangels, Galacticals, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your Spirit Guides.

Enhance your Spiritual Knowledge, Connections, and your Light Path. Every month there are four offers to connect you to Spirit Helpers. Community includes a safe space with like minded people, with the option of many Lives a week on a private Facebook page with meditations, visualizations, attunements, and readings. Programs & Classes included for Abundance, Protection, Ascension and 5D, Lightworker Techniques, Spirit Guides, Angels, Elementals, Galacticals and Becoming a Clear Channel.

A Library of over 300 videos in archives of past months of Courses, Attunements, Meditations, and Manifestations to help you with your Light Path Journey and to New Earth Ascension plus a new video every week.


Spiritual Connections that will help you open your psychic gifts and guide you through the Ascension process. Learning, Connecting, Healing, Manifesting and Community to get you to Ascension and beyond. Open your Psychic Gifts with these powerful offerings and Connect with many High Vibrational Beings such as Archangels, Galacticals, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your Spirit Guides.

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Learn about a group of High Vibe beings each month: Galactic, Elemental, Angelic, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and more. A growing library of Courses, Channeled Masterclasses, Attunement Connections, Meditations and short Manifesting Videos each week, plus several Lives in Facebook that are uploaded into TAG.

The ability to grow your gifts so that you can find and follow your Light Path, growing your mediumship exponentially!

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Over 40 Masterclasses, one new each month. Meet and learn about a group of High Vibe Beings: Galactic, Elemental, Angelic, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and more. Learn basic or advanced programs and techniques such as Abundance Programs, Pendulum Techniques & Oracle Cards, EFT & Switchwords, Angels, Elementals, Protection Techniques with Angel Fire Modality, & so much more.

A trance channeled learning class where the Beings themselves talk to you and give you the information you crave & inform you how they will help you.

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Connect to communicate with Spiritual Guides and Ascension Helpers with Sound Healing Attunements. Receive Light Codes and other Psychic gifts & downloads to increase your psychic abilities and help your Light Path journey. Over 40 Attunement Connection videos in archives.

A channeled Sound Healing Attunement to connect you to these beings and other gifts they freely share with you.

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A Healing Channeled Guided Meditation every month, plus over 40 more meditations in archives. Receive deep healing, attract and know new Spirit Guides, download Light Codes, and open your psychic senses. We Learn, Grow, Manifest, & Heal Together as a community.

A channeled Guided Meditation to heal you and bring you to otherworldly places with these helpful guides, to get to know them better and receive more gifts.

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Short but powerful channeled manifestation videos for attracting abundance, psychic connections, peace and calm within you, healing, manifesting dreams, releasing childhood trauma, healing inner child, releasing curses, support for shadow work, positive energy, and standing in your light and power.

A very short but powerful manifesting technique each month to manifest our desires.

This month in

TAG Lightworkers


Monthly Channel & Connections

June Blue Avians TAG Lightworkers

 June in TAG: Blue Avians Return for 6D Lightworker Grid

We invite you to join us in TAG-Lightworkers in June for:.

🛸 Blue Avians Beings have come for June to Uplevel us some more! They have a 6D Light Structure Grid around the planet that we as Lightworkers need to ACTIVATE! ⁠
📅 This month in TAG Lightworkers, we are activating our part of this Grid, to become a vital part of the structure of all Lightworkers- connecting us all! By doing this, we will receive a HUGE UPLEVEL and KICKBACK! Come join this Community of Lightworkers for Building our 6D Body & Sacral Chakra, and Connecting to this 6D Light Structure.⁠

This month’s Offers in Program 41 (added to the other 40 programs already in TAG-Lightworkers including TAG Beginners Program):⁠

💮 Channeled Masterclass: Blue Avian Beings from different Factions come forward to tell us about their 6D Earth Grid Structure & Prepare us for this next step of Ascension.⁠

💙 Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Attunement: Blue Avians of all factions attune to us and help us Attune to their 6D Light Grid around our planet that will ⁠
protect us and strengthen our Lightworker abilities. ⁠

💎 Manifesting Sigil: Building the 6D LightBody and Opening 6D Concepts and Light for our understanding – in a 4-minute manifesting video.⁠

🧘🏽 Healing Meditation: Shedding Shadow, Upgrading our Sacral Chakra to 6D, Final step of connecting Lightworkers to the new 6D Lightworker Grid around the planet.⁠

Plus 40 more Programs of Lightworker Classes, Sound Healing Attunements to Spirit Teams, Star Beings, Goddesses, Masters, Elementals and Angels, Meditations, Manifestations. Several weekly Lives in TAG Facebook Page as well, uploaded to site afterwards.


Spiritual Affiliates

Check out the TAG TEAM: Trance Mediumship or Reiki Graduates who also offer Channels, Healing & Lives in TAG on our Facebook Page. On an optional Facebook page, we have more than 3 lives a week that are uploaded to TAG-VIP!

What’s coming up for


September TAG Elemental Dwarves Multidimensional Overlays Image
October TAG TBA Isis image


What does my Membership give me?

Each month, you get uplaoded videos in a private group:

A MasterClass to learn about the High Vibe Beings we are working with this month.

A Sound Healing Attunement to Connect with them for everyday Help.

A Healing Meditation to help you Heal in your journey.

A 3 minute short Manifestation Technique for manifesting your desires.


  • Private Lives in Facebook from Rachel and other Certified Mediums every week (uploaded to TAG afterwards)
  • A Private Facebook group community & on website 
  • 20% off Personal Sessions with Rachel
  • All of the past month offerings, including Lightworker classes, meditations, attunements to different beings, healings, manifestations and more!
  • Over 35 Packages of Programs and Classes to watch at your own pace!
When is the best time to join?

Now is a great time! You will have immediate access to the live sessions, readings, healings, and Facebook group as soon as you join.

You’ll also have immediate access to all of the content – the current month AND all of the past courses, attunements, meditations, and manifestation videos created for TAG. You’ll want to get started on this journey right away and get to know the beautiful TAG Community!

How do I know if I am ready?

The first 6 months of TAG content was created for total beginners! There is SO MUCH information that will help you protect your energy, connect to your Spirit Guides, and a LOT more.

There is also content for Intermediate and Advanced Lightworkers in the group! You might be surprised at what you learn, even if you have been on your spiritual journey for a long time.

How can TAG help me as an Advanced Lightworker?

TAG helps you increase your abilities with Light Code Downloads from High Vibrational beings, like Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Angels, all sorts of Elementals, and Galactic Beings!

During the downloads and attunements in TAG, you often are gifted with new healing abilities.They bring help for increased psychic development and everyday help as well, such as healing and increasing your abundance. Advanced healing techniques are taught with beginner techniques.

In other words, even Advanced Lightworkers will learn new things and expand their gifts and abilities with the TAG Classes, Meditations, Attunements, and other content! We have quite a large community of Advanced Lightworkers!

Can I connect to Galactical Helpers and learn about my my star origins in TAG?

Yes! There are so many amazing groups of Galactic Helpers who have already come through in TAG, like the Arcturians, the Blue Avians, Pleiadians, Anshars, Lyrans, Andromeda, Orion and Mintaka, and the Grays and more to come (Sirius!). You can learn about them in the channeled Masterclasses, connect to them in Attunements, and get messages from them in Meditations.

There are many offers that help to connect you to star origins and many lives in the Facebook Group where you can find out more with live readings such as Galactical Insights with Rachel once a month! Sometimes even the Elementals or Angels give us unexpected Glaactical information!

How can TAG help me with Ascension?

TAG was created to help with Ascension symptoms. We humans have been shifting from 3D to 5D and now beyond that, especially as Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers. TAG helps open up new higher dimensional Clair-skills, connect with a wider variety of Chakras and levels of Expansion to come to a higher level of Ascension. 

TAG helps to really be able to expand into and understand your light bodies, receive and understand your gifts, heal yourself and share healing and messages with others. TAG is definitely THE online group dedicated to helping people with their Ascension process.

Can TAG help me with other life issues like Inner Child Healing, Religious Trauma, Abundance...issues like that?

Absolutely! There is such a variety of classes to choose from, such as meditations that are geared directly to healing your Inner Child, claiming your Abundance (and getting help from the Elementals to attract abundance into your life), healing Ancestral and Parental Abundance blocks and issues, using Reiki to supercharge your wallet, and so much more!

Abundance and self-love are central themes in Ascension. You’ll be healing so many different aspects of yourself and there are a variety of courses that will help you with pretty much anything you will face as you work on your Ascension Transformation!

What if I can't make Lives/ What if I don't use Facebook?

Facebook Lives are a bonus feature of TAG. You’ll still get 4 offers every month, plus access to past content in our archives. We also have a community on the website and you can watch the replays of offers that are live in the Facebook group.

We are working on lives outside of Facebook as well! But TAG is priced at the price of 1.5 offers, when in fact you get over 300 and one more each week! It’s well worth whatever time you have to help yourself on your Light Path Journey.

How do I stop the monthly charge if I want to discontinue?

It is very easy to discontinue TAG in the Billing tab of your account and there is never any judgement for doing so. There are directions in the informational section of TAG with pictures and instructions.

Can I buy a Mini-TAG program to see what it's like before I sign up for TAG?

Yes, you can! The Intuitive Awakening Program was created for those who wanted to get a taste of what is included in TAG! This program includes 4 courses that are in TAG for one fabulous price!

If you love these classes – and I know you will – you can join TAG at any time!

What is a Sound Healing Attunement and how will it help me?

The Sound Healing Attunements are CONNECTIONS! They connect you to high vibe beings who can help you with Transformation, Ascension, your Light Path, and your everyday Spiritual questions.

With this connection— brought to you through Sound Healing and Light Language Light Codes, Sacred Numbers, and more—you will be able to connect and communicate freely with these beings after you are attuned to them!

These attunements are what make TAG different- they really work for increasing your mediumship and psychic clairs and TAG members report incredible results! They are powerful too! We recommend drinking lots of water and giving yourself time to integrate between attunements.

Do TAG-VIPs get a discount on sessions?

Yes, TAG members get a 20% discount on private sessions to add to their monthly offers. They also get individual and group healings in various lives on Facebook.

Are you curious about Spirit Guides?

Would you like to learn how to work with your personal Spirit Guides and how they can help you? Get my Spirit Guides Masterclass. Enter your email below and start learning about Spirit Guides immediately.

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