You have been called here because you are a Starseed! This is something we explore inside TAG-VIP, my monthly Group, where we connect to Galactical Beings, Elementals, Goddesses, and more for help with our Light Path, and Ascension!

The Beings that come through each month talk to us through a Trance Channeled MasterClass, help us connect and give us gifts in a channeled Sound Healing Attunement, and help us heal in a channeled Guided Meditation. Also included are Manifesting Videos, Private Lives for messages and Answers from Spirit and past months' offers in TAG-VIP. 

Twice a month in TAG-VIP: Galactical Q&A with Lis, a Lyran Starseed Channel Medium!

Upcoming Galactic Months include: Andromeda, The Greys & their Nurse, and the Hathors!


Starseed Attunements are all included in TAG-VIP

  • Attune to the Pleiadian High Vibration for Connection, manifesting, Transformation, and Ascension Support of Assimilation, Stability and Structure. Download Light Codes for Light Path Illumination and Strength.
  • Connect and Attune to Anshars, who are the future of the human race. They travel back over 3000+ years to help us with Ascension. They help us CLEAR our Stories, help light our path for our Life Purpose/ Light Path, they bring Abundance by balancing our giving & receiving and they bring us Light Codes for Clairvoyance to see more future and past.
  • Attune to the high vibration of the Lyran Beings from Lyra Constellation to connect to them. They bring Self-Love Light Codes, activation of your Crystalline High Heart Chakra, connection to Lyra System helpers & love healing for emotional wounds.
  • Attune to higher frequency/ Dimension with the Blue Avians to connect with them for help with Ascension, Light Codes for DNA Shift, Light Path Shift (Life Path), healing old patterns/wounds, feeling light, happy, and in the flow
  • Attune to Arcturian Energy for communication & higher vibe and higher plane, added layers of protection in your aura, receiving gifts of remembrance and future, open aural understanding / Higher Knowing, and light code symbols.

StarSeed Meditations are all included in TAG-VIP

  • Blue Avians want to help you by bringing you four new Avian Spirit Guides to help you on your Light Path, and for help every day. If needed, these Guides will help you with Conception, and Child Protection.
  • Travel to the Lyra Constellation to find Light Codes for any type of love you desire, and to meet the Lyrans or other beings that you have a connection with.
    Lyrans lead you in this Soul Travel .. sometimes they lead you to other planets as well...

  • Anshars are Human's Future.  In this meditation, they connect us to a room with other Lightworkers, they assist us with Implant Removal, they send us an Anshar Spirit Guide to help us with our journey.
  • The Pleiadians want to connect with you, to give you a 12 Strand DNA Activation for 5D Ascension Support, Help with your Light Path & assimilation of all parts of our Fifth Dimensional Future.
  • Arcturians give you a gift of Healing Light in this meditation so that you can heal others using the One Light, instead of depleting your own energy. They also help you unplug from your Story and align your chakras.

    It is a Blue Light Ray similar to Reiki and can be used in the same way. I twill be added to any healing modality you have already as well.


"Joined a few of her classes and have received several attunements and I have been receiving nothing but blessings! I recently had an angel channeling which confirmed so much for me. Thanks Rachel!"

Maria V.
TAG-VIP Member

"This [Lyran Sound Healing Vibrational Attunement] was powerful! I did NOT expect the overflow of tears as I released. Thank You!!"

Melanie L.
TAG-VIP Member

"I recently had a life coaching and angel channeling session with Rachel. Right away, she set me at ease and I could tell she tapped into my current situation… I felt very connected and understood. She helped me cut a karmic cord which relieved a great amount of emotional distress. With her guidance – and her guidance from the angels – I was able to make an important decision about my career path and also work on healing myself and my relationships. Rachel is the real deal!"

Brett C.
TAG-VIP Member

"Every moment is Now. :-) this was really beautiful & just what I needed. I was definitely drawn to this tonight, and my anxiety and lingering self-doubt are soothed & released. thank you! The sound was lovely!! Thank you, Rachel! [Anshar Sound Healing Attunement]"

Amy C
TAG-VIP Member

"Rachel has changed my life on multiple levels. Her liquid reiki is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I believe everyone needs it! her guidance and classes are so informative and right on the mark!! I feel blessed to have found her!!! "

Missy Sullivan
TAG-VIP Member

"It is my pleasure to recommend Rachel Chamness. I received an Angel Channeling through Rachel about 2 months ago and the experience was truly remarkable. Further, the shift in my life, my aura and my mental space has been both tangible and extremely positive since then. First, the price was so reasonable, I feel like I got so much information, support and guidance for my money and it was a great deal."

Gia H.
TAG-VIP Member

"I want to thank Rachel Chamness for bringing Magical Creatures back into my life in IMAX 3D! In my childhood, I was so connected to mermaids, dragons, fairies, and especially unicorns — sang about them, had them all over my rooms in statues and posters. Many decades of life’s trials and people telling me to wake up to reality caused me to push them aside for awhile. Through Rachel’s attunements, meditations and charm chants, I now feel the presence of my old friends solidly around, and they have lifted my spirits and brought joy to my life again. I call on them for assistance and know they are real, just a thin dimension away, and are part of my journey here. Give yourself a gift and let Rachel help you find the path back to real magic!"

April L.
TAG-VIP Member

"I loved Rachel’s fairy attunement, just as I love all her sound healings and attunements. As someone with a lot of air element in my makeup, this attunement was exactly what I needed for grounding and being in my body. What followed has been a time of creative inspiration and manifestation with these fun, magical beings. They awakened my inner child. And did I mention how beautiful her singing is? Thank you, Rachel!"

Dana C.
TAG-VIP Member

"I experienced one of Rachel’s class offerings, 8 Chakras in 8 Days which was extremely accessible and powerful for me. Just like the other two offerings that I have experienced, I found this to be a very efficient and direct path to spiritual connection and health. As a Mom of two with full time work responsibilities, accessibility and efficiency are musts. I loved that with this class, I had a day in between to process the shift in each Chakra and truly appreciated the brevity (and again efficacy) of each tune up. I was able to fit in the experience and the integration and be ready for the next day. I immediately felt a shift and saw things began to change from the first Chakra. It opened up abundance recognition and manifestation ease within an hour. In fact, I’ve been so busy since, that it has taken me more than a month to find a moment to write this and say "

Gia H.
TAG-VIP Member

"Unicorn & Archangel Soul Star Meditation, "Just did this...powerful stuff, and so regenerating! I was able to stay alert throughout, but felt like I was in a very deep state where it was impossible to open my eyes, or move until the end. What a beautiful journey, and how comforting to feel so supported by our angels, guides, and magical creatures..I so needed and enjoyed this today...thank you! It was awesome!"

TAG-VIP Member

"“I released a self destructive pattern I’ve been carrying for 30 years during an intense personal EFT session a few weeks ago. I am experiencing freedom like never before. Very grateful. Rachel - thank you ” "

Gia H.
TAG-VIP Member

"Powerful experience for me in this class... Very emotional. My heart felt expanded beyond the bounds of my body. Weeping with overwhelm. Sensed my mom, who has passed, so strongly. That she is with the Pleiadians... WOW. just WOW. Thank you, Rachel. And deepest gratitude for the Pleiadians who are communicating through you."

Amy C.
TAG-VIP Member

"This is my third time doing this Arcturian Sound Healing Attunement and every time I take something new from it. There have been a few healings that have come through for my son that have been from this energy of the one you mentioned, just now realized it."

Megan R.
TAG-VIP Member

"In this [Pleiadian] meditation I sensed a circle rather than seeing beings in a circle. at the center was a crystal structure, as one would picture a campfire. It shifted into something else, I thought a spaceship? but glimmery & crystal, and just a hint of it. No clear messages or sights or color came through. Perhaps later something will come to me. I'll do this one again."

Amy E.
TAG-VIP Member

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