Spirit Circles

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Spirit Circle

Messages with Mediums

 Spirit Circle, Messages with Mediums, Baton Rouge – ONLINE AT THIS TIME | Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month- Special Date: 4th Tuesday on February 23rd!

💎At this time, we will meet on Zoom Conference Call! Everyone will receive a message from both mediums.

💎Come receive messages from Spirit, Past Loved Ones, and Guides. Limit 10 people, secure your spot with payment.

💎If you are practicing Mediumship, you may also give messages, in the Zoom chat- we love to affirm your psychic hits!

Your instructors – Rachel Chamness and Dr. Janene Grodesky, are both Reiki Masters and Mediums. This class fills up quickly, only 10 available seats. 


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Spirit Circle

Multidimensional Healing Spirit Circle, with Rachel Chamness & Gia Trionfo Hooper at Multidimensional Healing. Get in on this wild galactical ride coupled with messages, peace and healing.

Meet on Zoom Conference Call! Everyone will receive healing and messages from both Mediums that will bring your vibration up!!

👽Starseed Origin
👽Galactical Guides with Messages
👽Parallel Universe Convergences
👽Past Life Clearings
👽Psychic Implant & Cord Removal

Your instructors – Rachel Chamness and Gia Trionfo Hooper, are both Master Trance Channel Mediums & Reiki Masters. Only 10 available seats. Every other last Wednesday of the month- check button for your time zone.

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