Are you searching for your Spiritual path? Your purpose? Want to know more about Ascension?

Are you longing to LIVE in the flow of MAGIC and ABUNDANCE, on your TRUE LIGHT PATH?

🌈I’m Rachel Chamness, a Liquid Reiki Sound Healer, Lightworker Coach, Channel Medium, and Spiritual Counselor, and I want to help you discover your soul’s authentic Light Path, and create flow and alignment with your highest self.

🧜‍♀️As a Channel and Trance Medium, I bring through many high-vibrational beings who can reveal your unique gifts for helping yourself and others in this life. Among these are Angels, Ascended Masters, Elemental Beings, High- Vibrational Galactic Friends, and more!

🧚‍♀️I help connect my clients with Mystical Beings, Galactic Beings, Spirit Guides, and Angels who stand beside us as guides and helpers, but vibrate at a higher frequency. Once attuned to their energy, you will learn to receive messages from them for yourself!

🌈My VIP group, the Transformation and Ascension Group (or TAG), is a great way to expand your spirituality, prepare for Ascension, and connect to Higher Realms for everyday guidance.

🎶I was a professional Opera Singer. Now, I use my trained voice and musical instruments as tools to provide Spirit-guided Liquid Reiki Sound Healings. I am able to channel songs, energy healing, and messages to advance you on your Light Path.

⭐Will you take this wonderful journey with me??

🦄I have studied with incredible teachers and healers for over twenty years, and am excited to bring all of this knowledge together to assist you in discovering your life purpose, lend career guidance and support, and remove anything in your life that is keeping you stuck.

🐉Welcome, fellow sojourner! Feel free to browse these pages for some of the readings, classes, and attunements I have to offer, and please consider joining my TAG VIP Group for everyday help with Ascension, support of your journey, a friendly community of like-minded seekers, and so much MORE!

I look forward to meeting you there.




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