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Every month

You are purchasing Company’s products, programs, or services (collectively referred to as “Products”). The following Agreement is the Terms of Service for Products. Please read it carefully. If you do not agree to the following terms, DO NOT purchase Products. By purchasing Products, you are accepting the following Agreement, and you agree to and are bound by the following terms. 

1. Parties

For purposes of this Agreement, you (the purchaser) are referred to as “Client.” Seller, Sound Waves Heal, is referred to as “Company.” 

2. Term: 

The engagement of services begins on date of purchase. 

3. Company’s Products: 

Client has purchased access to Products, which includes: 

Every 30 days, you will receive 1 Sound Healing Attunement, 1 Meditation, 1 Masterclass, 1 Manifestation Video, uploaded into the TAG-VIP access of the website, www.soundwavesheal.com.   

There will be two Live Videos available to those who are able to attend, for Spirit Q&A and Readings and Healings. VIPs are also entitled to a healing if they attend a non-VIP Live. These TAG-VIP products are uploaded to the site and are available as long as Client is a VIP. New masterclasses and attunements will include a link for download for 30 days after publishing. 
VIPs also have access to exclusive TAG-VIP Facebook Group, past Masterclasses, Attunements, Meditations, and Manifestation videos that are uploaded to the TAG-VIP area of the site. VIPs also get discounts on one-on-one sessions and more. 

4. Payment: 

 Client agrees to pay the total fee due of $55 a month, which auto renews each month for VIP access. In the event you wish to discontinue, you may do so. If you wish, contact Rachel Chamness, who will send you instructions if discontinuing is hard to complete on site. There is never any hard feelings for discontinuing VIP, and you will have access to the site for the days you paid for. 

 5. Delivery: 

All VIP-TAG Videos will be available inside the VIP area of the website, which VIPs have access to. New masterclasses and attunements will include a link for download for 30 days after publishing.  


 Company does not offer refunds. 

 7. Release: 

 Company may take photographs, videos, audio recordings, or other recordings that Company may use for future commercial or non-commercial purposes. Client agrees and understands that by participating in Company’s program, Client is consenting to being recorded and photographed and to the use of Client’s likeness and voice in any media in perpetuity by Company for whatever purpose as Company sees fit. 

 8. Intellectual Property: 

 Company reserves all ownership rights to any materials including but not limited to documents, images, audio, and video, provided to Client through Client’s participation. Company provides Client with a single-user license authorizing Client to use the materials for their individual purposes only. Client agrees to not share, copy, distribute, disseminate, or sell the materials for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. 

 9. Non-Disparagement:  

 Client agrees, during and after purchase of Products, to refrain from making any statements, whether oral or in writing, that negatively impact Company’s program, business, services, products, or reputation. In addition, Company agrees to refrain from making any statements, whether oral or in writing, that negatively impact Client or Client’s business. 

 10. Assignment: 

 This Agreement shall bind both Company and Client and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns.  Client may not assign its rights under this Agreement without express written consent from Company. 

 11. No Guarantees; Disclaimer:  

 NO GUARANTEES: Company makes no guarantees about Company’s Products and the results that Client may have from purchasing Products.  Client agrees that any statements made by Company regarding potential outcomes are opinions and are not binding on Company. Company may provide testimonials from previous clients, which is not to be relied upon to predict results in your specific situation. The results you experience will be dependent on many factors including but not limited to your level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to those factors that you and/or Company may not be able to anticipate. 


NOT PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE: At no time should any of Company’s services, products, or programs be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health services, nor should the service be construed as professional therapy.  Company’s services are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.  If at any time Client needs medical, and/or psychological treatment, it is Client’s responsibility to seek it out. 


NOT LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE: At no time should any of Company’s services be considered a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. If at any time Client needs legal or financial services, it is Client’s responsibility to seek it out. 


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Any information provided by Company regarding wealth, abundance, income, earnings, business profits or personal financial status is for informational purposes only. The information may provide real-life examples and/or hypothetical examples of possible outcomes, which are in no way guarantees of what will occur in your specific situation.  As you know, financial outcomes depend on many factors including but not limited to your level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to those factors that you and/or Company may not be able to anticipate. You agree that Company is not responsible for your success, or lack thereof. Your reliance on any information provided is done at your own risk. 

 12. Warranties: 

 Both Company and Client warrant that they have full authority to enter into this Agreement.  Company warrants that its services will be provided by qualified people and in a competent manner in accordance with industry standards. Client warrants that it has any necessary permission, licenses, rights, and releases to lawfully execute its duties set forth in this Agreement. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES IN THIS AGREEMENT, NEITHER PARTY MAKES ANY OTHER WARRANTIES EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. 

 13. Whole Agreement: 

 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Company.  This Agreement supersedes and cancels all prior or contemporaneous discussions, writings, negotiations, and agreements.  

 14. Modification; Waiver:  

 The terms of this Agreement cannot be modified, supplemented, or amended unless agreed to in writing by all parties.  In order to make the waiver binding, the party making the waiver must execute it in writing. The waiver of a term in this Agreement shall not be considered a waiver of any other terms of this Agreement and shall not be considered a continuing waiver. The modification or waiver of one term of this Agreement does not affect any other term in the Agreement, regardless of its similarity.   

 15. Severability: 

 If any term in this Agreement is found to be void or voidable, the remaining terms of the Agreement are unaffected, and deemed to remain in full force and effect, including those terms that are similar.  

 16. Limited Liability


 17. Notices

 All notices and communications required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed given when delivered by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the party’s principal place of business, unless otherwise clearly stated in this Agreement that email notification shall suffice. 

 18. Dispute Resolution; Costs and Fees; Applicable Law/Venue

 Any dispute arising under this Agreement will be resolved by an online mediation service that is agreed upon by all parties or by a mediation in Louisiana with a mediator agreed upon by all parties. The parties agree to complete mediation in good faith prior to pursuing any other available legal or equitable remedies.  

 Parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Louisiana. Parties agree that the venue for any court proceedings arising out of this Agreement shall be in the USA, in Louisiana. 

 If Client sues Company and Company is successful, Client is responsible for Company’s attorney’s fees, in addition to any other relief to which Company may be entitled. 

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TAG - Transformation & Ascension VIP Offer

Auto-payment of $55 a month, you may cancel any time.

Here is what you will receive: 

My Transformation & Ascension Group is a monthly group which helps with every aspect of Ascension for a low monthly price. Each month, a new group of beings is selected to help us go forward. 

 28 days: MasterClass to LEARN, Attunement to CONNECT, Meditation to HEAL, 5 Minute Manifesting Video or recording to RECEIVE + 4 Private Facebook Lives, Access to Private Facebook GroupALL PAST OFFERINGS

  • Are you ready to accelerate your Spiritual Journey? To connect with and get help from all types of High Vibration beings to move forward with Ascension, and your Spiritual Transformation??

  • My Transformation & Ascension Group is a monthly group which helps with every aspect of Ascension for a low monthly price. Each month, a new group of beings is selected to help us go forward. 

    Worth over $3000+ of past products and over $250 of new products each month. Included:

    A new Masterclass on the Beings coming forth to help us + over 20 Past MasterClasses, not available on my website except here.
    1. A new Sound Healing Attunement to connect to beings so you can communicate yourself with them, and download Light Codes and more + over 20 Past Group Sound Healings & Attunements.
    2. A new Guided Meditation for Healing & Downloads: Connecting you to Spirit Guides, Light Codes &/or Healing, incredible experiences, answers, messages, and information. Plus over 20 Past Meditations to further your Ascension.
    3. Manifestation Help, plus over 20 Past helpful Manifestation & EFT Videos.
    4. Private Live for Personal Messages & Healing
    5. Private Live Interactive Question & Answer Sessions with Spirit on Youtube + 2 Galactical Q&A with Lis Taveras
    6. Support & Community- Growing together
    7. PAST Masterclasses, Attunements, Sound Healings, Meditations, & Manifestation help, going back to 6/2018
    8. Connecting to 6 different helpful Galactic Groups, many different Goddesses, Elementals, and more!
    9. Private Facebook Group (optional)
    10. DISCOUNTS on Sessions
    After purchasing, check email for instructions & links, and add my email to your address book!

    By purchasing, you agree to these term and conditions:

    I will be kind and courteous in group and class or be removed. 

    I will not share videos and included offers in group, or betray confidences of group.

    I also agree to the rest of the Terms & Conditions that protect us both, listed in checkout.

    I agree to receive emails from Sound Waves Heal. (Please also check box)


What People Are Saying:

“I want to thank Rachel Chamness for bringing Magical Creatures back into my life in IMAX 3D! In my childhood, I was so connected to mermaids, dragons, fairies, and especially unicorns — sang about them, had them all over my rooms in statues and posters. Many decades of life’s trials and people telling me to wake up to reality caused me to push them aside for awhile. Through Rachel’s attunements, meditations and charm chants, I now feel the presence of my old friends solidly around, and they have lifted my spirits and brought joy to my life again. I call on them for assistance and know they are real, just a thin dimension away, and are part of my journey here. Give yourself a gift and let Rachel help you find the path back to real magic!”


“I just did the Goddess Attunement and Masterclass and they were the 💣💣💣💣💣💣 TAG is so amazing and worth every penny!! It is my pleasure to recommend Rachel Chamness. I received an Angel Channeling through Rachel about 2 months ago and the experience was truly remarkable. Further, the shift in my life, my aura and my mental space has been both tangible and extremely positive since then. First, the price was so reasonable, I feel like I got so much information, support and guidance for my money and it was a great deal. Within the first 10 minutes of the session I was brought to tears due to the vibration, clarity, comfort and support that came through in the transmission. The level of depth and detail that was provided gave me full confidence in the information. Rachel’s positive, open energy allowed me to really let go and show spirit what I needed to hear. Some of the questions that were answered, I hadn’t realized were in my heart until the answers came. Afterward, I felt renewed and empowered and ready to move forward with peace and confidence toward my goals. I am so grateful and I highly recommend this incredible and magical service. Since then, I’ve received a number of other transmissions via Rachel….liquid reiki, guided meditations to connect me with my support team, attunements to elementals and angels and some powerful education and counseling as part of the TAG – Transformation 🦋 & Ascension VIP Group with Rachel Chamness, the layers of which have been building and increasing the awareness, abundance, magic and joy in my life. I highly recommend requesting a Channeling service from Rachel and moving forward with whatever additional services that come through as offerings for you.”


“Rachel has Transformed my Being in so many Profound ways!! Through her Sound Healing, I have let go of what is not necessary in order to Rise, Rise, Rise. Through Rachel's Meditations & Attunements, I have met so many of my celestial & galactic team including mermaids, unicorns, dragons, dolphins.. & the list goes on!! ”


“Since I joined the TAG group a few months ago, I feel like so many things have changed for the better in my spiritual growth. The first thing that changed was that I learnt that I am never alone and it is possible to communicate with all kinds of elementals, guides and guardians that do actually seem to intervene and want to communicate. For myself, I have also learned how to be more at peace, find calm, and center which makes me more pleasant to be around. So no matter what you are searching for, there is something here that can help you. ”


“The attunements and stuff from the TAG group has increased my intuition in a big, big way. I am now aware of the fairies and the unicorns and mermaids that surround me. I'll have moments when I can feel nudges, as if the unicorns are nudging me in a certain direction. They have truly been helping me live a more focused and inspired life. The fairies bring me joy. They are so light and fun. And just the other day I became aware of a mermaid (because of Rachel) and later had a mermaid healing! It was amazing! And then there's the galactical beings that have pushed me to do some deep work on healing my past. I can feel them surrounding me when I go to sleep at night. It is such a weird feeling, but they have really helped me tune in to a part of my past that I wasn't even fully aware of. This has been a blessing 😍”

Rachel B.