Mini Session

Are you looking for answers or clarity? Perhaps you need guidance on a situation that is weighing on your mind. Or maybe you are curious, trying my services for the first time. If so, this healing or reading session is ideal!

I will connect with your Spirit Guides or Starseed Helpers and address your main concern with healing or messages, whatever you desire. I will get as much information or healing in this 15 minutes as possible. You will be surprised how much I can help in such a short time.

This is a perfect small session for partial clearing or clarity on a situation. For a first-time client psychic in-depth reading, I suggest instead a live 45-minute session on Zoom or in-person in Knoxville.

7️⃣ There are Seven Options for this Session:

✨Partial Clearing: Clear as much as possible— attachments, psychic implants, stories, chakras; Heal something specific with Liquid Reiki- as much as possible.
✨Connections to a Light Being: Spirit Guide, Star Guide/ Helper, Elementals, Angels, Illumined Master with a personal Liquid Reiki attunement. 
✨ Clear a Past Life for a recurring Problem.
✨ Answers from a past Loved One.
✨Ask Clarity on a problem for a short reading: this means you will have to tell me the situation and ask open-ended specific questions.
✨ Solfeggio Tuning Forks and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Session for general wellbeing, or a specific problem, such as anxiety.
✨ Quick Mentorship Insight or Short Reading for a Returning Client.

You’d be surprised what can be healed and helped in this short session!

This is a remote session, not live. You will receive a recording via email afterwards detailing all that was seen and cleared.


I found Rachel due to her 1-Question sessions and since then I developed my spirituality significantly and these sessions really help when needing quick insights or confirmation to whatever questions I have. I love hearing the guidance and clarity that comes from them as well as seeing the cards that I receive. Thank you for helping me deepen my connection with source and with my path!

Esther Y

I did the one question channeling and it was amazing, I did one with another person but deep down knew it wasn’t right and instantly connected to what Rachel was channeling to be true and accurate. I then let her do same for my 11 year old daughter. Amazing !!!

Sarah Ratcliff

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