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Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Certification

Be certified in Liquid Reiki, which is a mixture of Light Language Sound Healing, Reiki and Trance Channeling.

To be certified in Liquid Reiki Sound Healing, you will need Certifications in Reiki 1, Light Language, Trance 1, Trance 2, and Trance 3.

All of these courses are available on this page, Reiki is available on Baton Rouge Events Page (Reiki 1 available ONLINE at this time).

Trance Channeling Mediumship Course, Beginning Level 1 with Spirit Guides, Zoom Class

Next Class April 16- May 14, Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm CST (your time will show when you click button below)

Would you like to be able to access psychic messages from your Spirit Guides to help your journey in this life? Or to help guide others?

Would you like to meet each of your 5 Inner Guides and get to know them, get messages from them, learn to let them heal and give messages through you for yourself and others?

Are you READY to step into your Psychic POWER? This is the class that changed my life, taught me how to us my mediumship I didn't even realize I had, and that taught me how to channel healing! I love teaching this!

We will explore 2 Ways: repeat the messages you hear or let them speak through you!

In this class, once a week for 5 weeks, you will meet one of your 5 Inner Spirit Guides in a meditation & learn to safely channel each one, with help from me.

5 Inner Band Spirit Guides:
Joy Guide
Doctor/Teacher Guide
Master Teacher Guide
Protection Guide
Chemist/Alchemist Guide
+ Gatekeeper Guide - Important Medium Guide

Each Guide will help you in different ways, which we will explore.  For example: Channeled writing with Dr/Teacher & Healing with Chemist.

TAG-VIP Courses that are important to class: Sacred Circles, 5D Solar Chakras & Ascension Masterclass, Meet Your Gatekeeper Meditation, Shine Bright/ Become a Clear Channel Masterclass, Deepening Your Connection With Spirit Liquid Reiki, EFT Tapping: Busting Imposter Syndrome, Open 8 Psychic Senses/ Clairs Meditation, Clair Opening & Solfeggio Liquid Reiki Sound Healing.

You MUST attend first class live. It is ok to miss 1-2 classes & catch up on video, if you must...

Small Classes for comfort. I will help you do this, and teach you safety and more. Online private Community access for Students!

1- You must be in the monthly Group TAG-VIP during the time of class. Contact me for a first time TAG-VIP coupon if you will need to join for the first time. This is because there are so many videos in it, that help this transition, that you will need, along with support. This is an additional cost of $33 for the first 4 weeks with access to over 70 videos.

2-Use a Zoom link & have a video feature - you will click link on phone or computer. Video camera on either is important. If you need help with this, or are worried about this, please message me!

3- Must be able to attend at least 3-4 classes, no sedatives- natural or chemical, alcohol, or mind altering drugs before the class.

4- Must be able to sit in a place completely undisturbed for the 2 hours of this class. VERY IMPORTANT.

5- Dedication! The decision to learn this profound technique! This class sells out quickly. $333

6-If you have a problem with guided meditations- you may have some trouble beginning to channel in this class. I do help though! Contact me before joining, if you have this problem as you may need a session and some help first.


Light Language Attunement Course, Zoom Class- live or replay

Next Class: April 4, 2020, $77
Replay video will also attune you, but I strongly encourage you to attend if you can!

💫Would you like to learn how to Channel Light Codes & Sound Healing?

💫Introducing Light Language Activation Class via Zoom Call.

💫6 Ways Light Language is brought forth:💫
💫Toning/Singing (even if you can't sing a note!)
💫Sign Language

💫Light Language is a Multidimensional Language of Frequencies, Codes, and Colors.
💫It is Sacred Geometry to Connect to Spirit and receive Healing.
💫It activates your Higher Self, Your Multidimensional Being, your Healing Power.
💫It can restore on all levels- DNA, Akashic Records, Cellular Memory, the Psyche, the Soul, & more.
💫Opens & Clears Chakras, Removes Blockages, Recalculates Brainwaves, Awakens Soul Memories, Realigns Distorted Neural Pathways, Builds Lightbody, Aligns with True Self AND SO MUCH MORE!

This is an Attunement, you become attuned to Light Language in this class, so it is live, offered a few times a year. It really opens you up spiritually!

Zoom Class, online. Accessible by phone number or online link. 

Next Class: April 4. $77 - I can't wait to see you there! Replay will also attune you- I will send video afterwards.


Advanced Trance Channeling Mediumship Course, Level 2, Online Class


March 6 Starts Class #202: Space Available

Are you ready to Trance Channel High Vibrational Helpers for Messages for others and yourself? To open your Psychic senses even more?

In this class, once a week for 6 weeks, you will learn to safely trance Helpful Beings who are not necessarily your Guides. They will help open our psychic senses even more.

Provided: Instruction, Guided Meditation, Guided Practice.

 6 Classes:

1. Elemental: Clairsentience
2. Dragon: Claircognizance
3. Galactical: Clairtangency
4. Angel or Archangel: Clairvoyance
5. A Guide for Sound Healing: Clairaudience
6. A Client's Guide + Sound Healing

Prerequisites: Trance Class 1 Certification + Light Language Certification + TAG-VIP Membership during course.

This Live Class is a series of six 2 hour classes, once a week for 6 weeks at $555

There are Advanced Trance, Level 3 & Advanced Trance Master Teacher Level Certifications also available by appointment. Trance 3 includes Liquid Reiki Sound Healing™ Certification as well.


Reiki 1, 2, & 3 Available Locally on Baton Rouge Events Link

Video Courses Available on Courses Link


"Take this Class!! Dooo iiiitt! Rachel is an amazing teacher and I never thought I would be channeling, but Spirit knew and brought Rachel and our group together. So excited for what the future holds!"

Dana C.
Trance Channel Mediumship Course, Level 1

"I have attended many classes with Rachel and after deciding I was taking this light path seriously and work on growing as much as possible, I signed up for Reiki 1. Not only did I gain the most wonderful gift of Reiki, I met some amazing women in that class and have stayed in touch since. I use Reiki on myself when I am sick, to energize my artwork and, well, everything I do now. We learned the history of Reiki, typical textbook techniques and then we were able to practice on volunteers. 100% worth it! Thank you for this amazing attunement and gift I now have for life."

Jenn D.
Reiki 1

"I have always wanted to do this,but doubted it could be taught. Rachel made us feel safe and comfortable, and despite our various levels of anxiety or talent, everyone of us succeeded and were able to bring forth amazing information. We also got to meet and become familiar with our special team of guides, and in a wonderful bonus, came together in a supportive community which remains after the class has ended. I can't wait for an advanced level class, and I think it was the best $ I have spent in a long time! Sign up now!"

April L.
Trance Channel Mediumship Course, Level 1

"This is a life changing experience. I highly recommend it. I would even like a part two... I was sad when it ended! Amazing group and Rachel Chamness is a gifted one of a kind teacher/caretaker/ facilitator. I will always treasure this experience. Go get in touch with the Beyond in a safe knowledgeable kind environment."

Silvina A.
Trance Channel Mediumship Course, Level 1

"This class is amazing. Yes, you do learn to Trance Channel your 6 spirit guides and allow them to speak through you. However, it is much more than that. It puts you in touch with that which you thought was unreachable, it gives you the confidence to perfect what you just learned and continue harnessing your gifts and it gives you a priceless gift...a new family. THANK YOU RACHEL. Infinite blessings to you and yours.🤗😇❤️"

Lis T
Trance Channel Mediumship Course, Level 1

"Knowing I’ve had the ability to touch the other side, I had thought about training with a mentor to help me strengthen these abilities. I signed up for this session to start my journey and each week we were able to channel 1 of our 5 guides. I was surprised with my first channeling and almost doubtful, but now I see things are not always how we perceive them to be. Further into the course, I would channel on my own and the messages I received were always so beautiful and reassuring. I often go back and watch the videos recorded from those sessions to remember exactly what they said so I could document in my journal. This class was wonderful, and I can’t wait for Trance Channeling 2!! "

Jenn D.
Trance Channeling Mediumship Course, Level 1

"This [Trance Medium Channeling Couse] is a beyond amazing class with an exceptional teacher. I've been able to do the unimaginable as a direct result of her guidance. She is truly magical. And, I can't get enough of my classmates who are turning out to be a family. I am blessed and would highly recommend this class. 💖"

Trance Channel Mediumship Course, Level 1

"Reiki 1 was an amazing experience! Truly a spiritual awakening! Can’t wait for a Reiki 2! Thank you Rachel for bringing the gift of Reiki into my life!"

Reiki 1 Student

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