The Way to Bring Your Body Vibrational Balance Using Sound Healing Therapy

Are you a lightworker looking to increase your gifts, psychic clairs, connect with more Light Beings and find your Community?

If you ever feel like you’re here for a reason, that is your soul asking you to follow your calling.

The Transformation & Ascension Group (TAG) is a membership and community to support you in making Spiritual Connections that will help you open your psychic gifts and guide you through the Ascension process. This is a safe place to understand and expand your psychic gifts with kindred-spirit. The TAG Groups offer Learning, Connecting, Healing, Manifesting, and Community to get you to Ascension and beyond.

As a member, each month you can access our library consisting of over 400 videos in an archive of past months of Masterclasses, Courses, Attunements, Meditations, and Manifestations designed to help you with your Light Path Journey and to 5D New Earth Ascension. A new video is added to the collection every week.

There are also weekly live sessions in our private Facebook group that include readings, meditations, channels, and more.

Shine your light on.


Goddess Brigid and Diana TAG Masterclass Image

Uplevel your Journey

This is for you if:

☀️ You are a dedicated Spiritual Learner or a Lightworker with your own business.

☀️You are experiencing Ascension Symptoms and would like to get help and healing from Spirit Guides and Helpers who are there to help you assimilate all the new energies constantly coming in.

☀️You want to know what is always happening NOW on this Ascension path and share your journey with a kindred-spirit Community.

☀️ You long to be a part of a Soul Group who are on the same path as you.

☀️You wish to speak and connect with all types of Beings, like: Illumined Masters, Archangels, Galacticals, and Elementals for healing yourself and others.

☀️ You want a better understanding of WHY you came into this human life.

☀️ You want to open your Psychic Clairs even more, and continue to UPLevel with a Soul Group.

☀️You struggle with shadow work, empath boundaries, protection, or abundance and want to learn how to spiritually overcome these issues to live your best life.

Recognize and develop your

divine gifts with us.

Be a Member

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Uncover Your Calling

Be Upgraded to 6D and beyond with help from Light Beings

Increased our modalities of Energy Work: Beings bring in new modalities to connect us to, so that our energy work can be amplified and improved

Increase our knowledge and connections to help us for our own high level personal work or to help our clients with theirs

Opening our Clairs even further so we can understand our Light Path Journeys


Celebrate the Good Around Us

Personal Connections to High Light Beings

Connect to the 6D and higher so we can help others connect to the 5D in our work or life

Connect to Elementals, Archangels, Galacticals and all manner of beings in monthly attunements and meditations

Connect with other Lightworkers. We are a Community of Lightworkers: we all grow and learn together as a Soul Group

TAG members are part of a Soul Tribe and often remember past lives with each other, especially in Atlantis & Avalon

Recall past lives on Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, even other planet systems in guided meditations


Attune to the Violet Flame with Merlin and even attune to Avalon Magick

Fairy Light Modality from Galactical Fairies

Starlight Modality from Sirians


Healing through Energy and Consciousness

Self Care- you may do a lot for others. What are you doing for yourself? TAG programs help clear & Enlighten you.

Clear past life trauma to make room for increased light in our auras

Rainbow Healing Light from Leprechauns and Lady Luck Attunement

Blue Healing Light from Arcturians in a Meditation

Elven Healing Magic from Elves in a Meditation

Healing light to help you heal Earth and all her creatures from Polaris Beings

Andromedan & Sirian Healing for yourself and others

Uplevel with a 4-part Inner Child Healing with Meditations and high vibrational beings


Manifesting our Light Path, Ascension and our 6D Lightbodies

Monthly manifestations for Abundance, Healing, Ascension Symptoms, Light Path Help, and more.

Ready to be a Lightworker?

Hi, I’m Rachel Chamness

This is an open invitation to let your light shine through the world. I want to help you discover your soul’s authentic Light Path so you can create flow and alignment with your highest self.

I love helping Lightworkers step further into their Light Path!

I love helping Lightworkers step further into their Light Path. I help connect my clients through sound healing attunements with Mystical Beings, Galactic Beings, Spirit Guides, Elementals, and Angels who stand beside us as guides and our helpers to vibrate at a higher frequency. As a Soul Group — yes, including you — we use these gifts for helping to usher in the new frequency of Gaia and New Earth together!

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