How To Tell If You Have An Entity Attached To Your Aura

Did you ever wonder if you might have an entity (a.k.a. attachment) in your aura, feeding off of your energy? What is an attachment, anyway? Attachments are low-vibration entities who have found a way to get into your aura.

How do entities get into your aura? If your vibration was low enough, an entity might be able to get past your normal energetic defenses and attach itself to your energy field.

Or perhaps you were doing Lightwork without protection because you forgot to properly prepare, or you didn't realize you needed to protect yourself! These are the main reasons I teach Protection and Shielding and recommend Reiki for Lightworkers!!

I have been talking about Shadow Work lately. You can read my Shadow Work blogpost here - It is so important because clearing your shadows can help to protect you from getting entities in your aura.

When we go into shame, blame, victim mentality— any of the low-vibrational feelings—we invite negative entities into our energy field. When we start thinking about feelings or things that happened in the past, we should learn to do so with self-love. We need to remember:

  1. We did the best we could with what we knew at the time.
  2. We are only human and we can make mistakes; it is part of our path.

Then we can begin to work on healing our shadows. You can find techniques I recommend for Shadow Work in this blogpost.

Ultimately, we need to explore our inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings to find out what is causing us to feel guilt, shame, anger, and victimization and work on fixing it, a.k.a. do the Shadow Work.

However, if we have allowed ourselves to stagnate in low-vibe feelings, we might have picked up an attachment. It's important to know the signs of an attachment so that we know it's time to get help.

Yes. Get help. A healing session. Self-care. You will likely need another Lightworker to remove attachments from your auric field. 

Remember that you shouldn't feel ashamed or look for someone to blame. It happens to everyone. You are a bright light, and that is VERY attractive to low-vibration entities!

And you may have mental habits that lead you to feel shame or blame that need to be worked on.

Here are the symptoms of having an entity in your aura:

1. Feeling unloved
2. Thinking about suicide
3. Being unable to get out of depression
4. Hearing yourself spew low-vibration words as if they are coming from another part of your brain
5. Hearing a voice in your head when you are in rage, anger, deep victim mentality as if you are not the one thinking but the one observing it happening
6. Headaches
7. Extreme mood swings—rage, anger, shame, cruelty... that never swing up to happiness, light, and joyful feelings.

I offer an affordable CLEAR session that can get rid of attachments and balance Chakras for people. After you are clear, though, you should work on improving your life and continue to do deep work to clear the cause of your low-vibration feelings so you don't end up picking up attachments quickly after your session.

Ultimately, it will be a combination of doing Shadow Work and getting sessions that will help you heal your aura so that it is strong enough to deflect or push out any entities that might try to attach to your aura.

I hope this helps! Blessings.


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