A Channeled Message from Kari, a Lemurian "Keeper of the Faith"


This video contains a channeled message from Kari, a Lemurian "Keeper of the Faith".

"For we keep records of those who have come and the history of our stars and our systems, the knowledge of faith. That is all of the knowledge brought to you in a way that requires your faith. For faith and knowledge come together.

It is true.

The reason I am called Keeper Of The Faith, and not 'Keeper Of The Knowledge' is that I translate the knowledge into faith for you.

We have taken this information and seeded your planet with it for a millennia after Lemuria was gone. It is very important to us that you have this knowledge. It is being unearthed in many ways and you are coming into the knowledge on your own now.

Your memories from your time in Lemuria, Atlantis, or other Golden Ages, your time on other worlds, other planets, your times with more knowledge returning to you through the Soul Star Chakra, as this Medium calls it. And as you get closer to Ascension, you will have more knowledge returned to you.

As keeper of the faith, I beg you to KEEP THE FAITH. The faith of your knowledge that all will be well, that as you head to ascension, you will leave all these earthly worries behind.

It is OK to focus on your own healing and on those you can help. It is OK to not let the larger worries of the planet and of society infiltrate your mind and bring you to a lower vibration.

You may instead step away and focus on your own ascension. You can instead hear what is going on and not let it affect you by remembering where you are going or to step into presence at that moment and let it dissipate instead of harming you with deep angst and sadness. This is where we are now and it is important to know."

A little bit about the process of channeling messages

When I trance channel, the Beings talk through me and also show me what they are talking about so I can get more insight about what they mean. For example, Kari is telling me that the two themes: Faith and Knowledge.

We have to have faith—on the 3D side—that the knowledge is real.

She said they have been seeding this knowledge on our planet for millennia. For us to really receive this knowledge, we have to believe. I've gotten this message before. She's also telling us to work on healing ourselves.

Focusing on society, politics, what's going on in the world isn't going to help us with our Ascension process. Focusing on healing ourselves, however, will help. We should work to love ourselves, too, and get your High Heart Chakra in alignment with unconditional love and the 4th Dimension.

We do that by healing, doing shadow work, and learning to love ourselves.

I hope this helps you out!

With fairy light,


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